WorkisrOund is a digital service designated for posting employers overwhelmed by the complexity of posting rules and regulations. Our solution automates the application of the posting legislation of EU Member States. It basically informs the posting employers what are the main terms of employment that must be observed during the posting of their employees, produces a legal document (annex) that is required to formalise the posting and facilitates fulfilment of the mandatory posting-related formalities (e.g. pre-posting notifications). Our tool is an alternative to costly and time-consuming services provided by lawyers, accountants or HR consultants. At the same time, it increases compliance with the posting regulations and reduces regulatory risks.

Currently, we have an MVP, processing incoming postings to Germany – to all business sectors and all provinces (lander). We further expand geographical coverage of our database prioritising on countries with largest number of incoming postings and on most popular industries. The logic implied in our digital service allows expansion focused on a particular industry (e.g. life performing arts) in multiple jurisdictions. We are open for collaboration with industry associations at EU level for quickly scaling-up of our tool and covering the respective business sector in multiple jurisdictions and facilitating free movement of employees.

What is WorkisrOund

  • WorkisrOund completely automates the processes related to posting of workers within the framework of provision of services within the EU.

  • We help you be compliant with the complex and dynamic requirements applicable to posting of workers.

  • No time to lose in dealing with complicated rules of Directive 96/71/EC (aka the „Posting of Workers Directive“), of Directive 2014/67/EU (aka the „IMI Directive” or the „Enforcement Directive”) and of the constantly changing regulations of host EU Member States.

  • We provide an easy to use, fast, reliable, cost efficient and fully integrated solution.

  • Our concept

How it Works

  • WorkisrOund identifies the applicable parameters of the posting terms and conditions in the Member State to which workers are posted (host state) … at a touch of a button…

  • WorkisrOund generates template documents to make your postings compliant with the host state’s legal and regulatory requirements … in a mouse-click…

  • WorkisrOund produces and sends mandatory prior notifications about your postings to host state’s authorities … at a tap of your finger…

  • WorkisrOund demo1 demo2

Why Use WorkisrOund

  • All posting processes and documents in one basket

  • Immense cut in time, cost and resources

  • Fair pricing (pay-per-use)

  • Easy integration with your primary HR software

  • Saves you from highly technical stuff and from stepping on thin ice

  • Encourages labour mobility and efficiency of the available human resources

  • No inconvenience with download and install, no contract period

  • Multilingual

About Us

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Our mission

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