Posting of workers, made simple Contact Us Legal Tech services, for easy compliance with posting requirements across Europe Facilitating compliance, embracing technology Contact Us We’ve got you covered, from start to finish

AI-aided legal analysis

Always stay up to date with the latest posting requirements

Digital workspace

All the necessary tools, in a single digital environment

Rich network of experts

Full verification of our findings with local experts and national authorities

Tailorable to your needs

Always get the most out of our platform


The one-stop shop for postings to Europe


All the requirements you need to adhere to, at one place

Easily identify the terms and conditions of employment for your specific posting situation, together with all the required documents and any applicable exemptions


All the administrative tools to simplify the posting process

Generate the necessary assignment letters, submit your posting notifications, and store your documents according to all the applicable regulations: all at the click of a button


Our Tools


Automatically identify the applicable posting requirements through our centralized database


Find all the information you need about the necessary documents


Easily identify any applicable exemptions and their qualifying criteria


Automatically generate the necessary assignment letters, directly through our platform


Submit the required posting notifications with the click of a button


Safe and easily accessible digital storage that meets all the necessary regulatory requirements

Expert People

Our Team Members

Legal expertise and cutting-edge software development 

Teodosiya Kirilova

Product General Manager

Peter Boyukliev

Innovation General Manager

Galin Stanev

Project Manager

Paolina Manaskova

Senior Legal Analyst

Anna-Maria Koleva

Legal Analyst

Venelin Monev

Software Developer

Frederic de Wispelaere

Scientist Advisor

Marco Rocca

Scientist Advisor

Plamen Tilev

Business Advisor

Boris Ananiev

Marketing Manager & Business Analyst
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