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Marco Rocca

Marco Rocca (Researcher, National Centre for Scientific Research – University of Strasbourg) is an expert in the EU legal framework for posting of workers. His PhD (Université Catholique de Louvain, 2014) dealt with the collective labour law issues of posting of workers. He is the author of a book (Posting of Workers and Collective Labour Law: There and Back Again. Between Internal Market and Fundamental Rights, Intersentia, 2015), as well as of several journal articles and book chapters dealing with various aspects of posting of workers, published in English, Italian and French. He has been principal investigator for Belgium in the project MEAT.UP.FFIRE (VP/2017/004, 2018-2020), where he focused on the use of migrant and posted workers in the pork meat value chain, as well as partner in the MOBILIVE project (VP/2019/004, 2020-2021), dealing with international labour mobility in the live performance sector.

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