Making posting of workers in Europe affordable, simple, and accessible, as it should be.

WorkisrOund, as an entity

There are multiple core requirements for a posting of workers to be acknowledged as correctly executed. If we multiply these by the dozens of Members States within the EU, and then further multiply the result by the dozens of industry and sectors, we end up with thousands of complex posting rules to adhere to. This challenge could easily make organisations succumb and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of posting rules and regulations. What we do at WorkisrOund is address this very impediment, often faced by employers, who offer services throughout Europe.

There are other companies out there, who can do this as well, of course. What differentiates us from the rest, however, is our work process in co-creating the solution together with our clients and partners. It is because of our values, that we are able to ensure a positive influence on organisations, starting with our alternative solution to costly and time-consuming consulting services of lawyers, accountants, or HR professionals. As a result, we have established four services, effective on their own, but best when utilised together. One is aimed to keep employers informed about the changing dynamics of posting rules, one to help them prepare the key posting documents, one to keep these documents safe, and one to assist them in correctly notifying the authorities within the Member States, where workers will be posted.

With time, as WorkisrOund grows, we will scale up our services and value to clients, prioritising the countries with the most incoming postings of workers and their respective, most active business sectors. Through collaboration, together with our advisors, industry associations at EU level, and business partners, we will facilitate the free movement of employees for employers in Europe, be that from SMEs or large organisations. The Seal of Excellence we were awarded back in 2018 and 2019 already serves as testimony, that we are on the right path.

Our values, our DNA


Genuine profesionality, unique with both our strengths and vulnerabilities


Taking initiative in addressing what matters, yet others simply overlook


Acknowledging the work and effort of all within the boundary of the system


Catering to either ends of the spectrum, encouraging informed desicions


Simple, yet strong at its core, providing the agility to ride the waves of change

We abide by our values though a simple process


We research the Member State within the EEA, where workers are posted to perform work activities, and learn of what is of importance for our clients and partners


We assimilate the knowledge, necessary for organisation to efficiently assist them with their process of posting of workers, incorporating it within our solutions


We co-create and customise the digital posting of worker solution with you, continuously re-iterating, until the outcome becomes a reflection of your expectations


Every lauch and update is not just a milestone and achievement, but is also another step made towards creating the posting of workers solutions Europe needs

The ones, who lead us by example

Core Team

Branimir Ananiev

As the Ex-SAP Labs Bulgaria manager and previous Co-Founder of SBND Technologies, now as the Co-Founder of Evolution IT, with more than 120 developers behind his back, delivering software solutions to SAP, IBM, Bosch, VMware and others, Branimir Ananiev has over 20 years of experience in leading and organizing IT and software projects, leading WorkisrOund as its CEO

Teodosiya Kirilova

Product Development
With over 15 years of experience at Deloitte and PwC, today, Teodosiya Kirilova now is the founder, member, and contributor to the International Fiscal Association. With plentiful knowledge of both international assignments and taxes from her past positions as tax attorney and consultant, she is ideal person to lead the product development direction of WorkisrOund's services.

Peter Boyukliev

Innovation Manager
As Ex-Deloitte, recognized for administrative and corporate law since 2012, and an honorary fellow of Best Lawyers, with over 13 years of experience in the Centre of International Legal Studies, Peter Boyukliev keeps WorkisrOund's design-driven innovation in check, while also working as the Manager of Legal Services at the Yordanova, Rizova & Partners Law office.

Veselin Bratanov

With nearly 20 years of experience in IT and software development, being the Co-Founder of SBND Technologies in the past, Veselin Bratanov now heads Software Society LTD as its CEO, delivering software solutions to SAP, IBM, Bosch and VMware, while also acting as the Co-Founder of JBM International, and the CTO of WorkisrOund, guiding the company in all things technological.

Galin Stanev

Project Manager
With more than 15 years of leading projects for the development of enterprise software solutions and various applications, Galin Stanev has worked with databases on the scale of the Bulgarian Government, different e-commerce and mobile applications, scripts for migration and integration of data into large systems, making him th ideal person to lead the development of WorkisrOund.

Ivan Goranov

Legal research & analysis
Experienced in working with a bailiff, notary, and a couple of law firms, Ivan Goranov works as an Associate at Yordanova, Rizova & Partners Law Office, while also assisting WorkisrOund's team of development with his strong research and analytical skills, in particular as a participant in the development of the GDPR assessment and compliance tools, offerred to our clients.

Anna-Maria Koleva

Legal research
Experienced as a technical support advisor with German and English at TELUS International Europe, and with great legal experience at Yordanova, Rizova & Partners Law Office, Anna-Maria Koleva helps WorkisrOund, assisting with her research and analyitical skills, looking at both the micro and macro level of the different legal regulations, which WorkisrOund is addresses through its services.

Paolina Manaskova

Legal research
With international experiences in Europe and strong research and analytical skills on the forefront, Paolina Manaskova multitasks the coordination of various projects and initiatives in her professional career, one of which being WorkisrOund's research in English and German within the fields of immigration, corporate law, and taxation, all while also working in court and a Law office firm.

Advisory Board

Frederic De Wispelaere

EU Labour Mobility
Frederic De Wispelaere is research expert at HIVA - KU Leuven. He holds a Master in Business Administration (EHSAL - Brussels) and a Master in corporate law (Ghent University - Law Faculty). His main fields of research are social protection, intra-EU labour mobility, EU coordination of social security systems and (cross-border) social fraud. Since 2013 he is member of the Network Statistics on free movement of workers, social security coordination and fraud and error. This network is set up by the European Commission to collect and analyse statistics on those three fields covering all EU-28 and EFTA countries.

Plamen Tilev

Business Development
Being the Managing Director at SAP Labs Bulgaria LtdHe for 14 years, growing the company from 70 to 800, receiving the Best Employer Award of the Year for multiple years, Plamen Tilev helps WorkisrOund grow and scale up, making use of the knowledge gained over the years as a Senior Manager at SAP SE and other Post Merger Acquisition activites for SAP-acquired Labs.

Marco Rocca

EU Labour Mobility
Marco Rocca (Researcher, National Centre for Scientific Research – University of Strasbourg) is an expert in the EU legal framework for posting of workers. His PhD (Université Catholique de Louvain, 2014) dealt with the collective labour law issues of posting of workers. He is the author of a book (Posting of Workers and Collective Labour Law: There and Back Again. Between Internal Market and Fundamental Rights, Intersentia, 2015), as well as of several journal articles and book chapters dealing with various aspects of posting of workers, published in English, Italian and French. He has been principal investigator for Belgium in the project MEAT.UP.FFIRE (VP/2017/004, 2018-2020), where he focused on the use of migrant and posted workers in the pork meat value chain, as well as partner in the MOBILIVE project (VP/2019/004, 2020-2021), dealing with international labour mobility in the live performance sector.